Start Your Other Engine: Debugging in ThingStudio, and a New Widget

debugging iot apps

With last month’s launch of 0.3.0, you may have noticed that in the IDE your publish messages no longer showed in the debug overlay or on the debug route, while your subscribe messages still did. Curious…

More recently, you may have also noticed that there is now no debug overlay at all in the IDE. Debugging functionality in ThingStudio has a new home, one where it will better serve you: the viewer.

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Styling Your Connected App: The Elements


As you probably know by know, apps are the basic unit of work in ThingStudio. Think of them as a “box” for related connections, feeds, templates, feed processors, CSS and Javascript. And this entire “box” is available simply by accessing a URL (if you’ve chosen to make the app public or sharable): No programs to install, no configuration required, just pull up the URL and you’ve collected all the resources you need to run your connected app.

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0.3.0 Is Here!

featured image

As many of you know, we’ve been cranking on the latest major point release of ThingStudio for the last month or so, which includes: major updates to transports, UI improvements and ‘breaking ground’ on a new version of the app viewer. So, without any ado, at all, here we go.

Our second transport: HTTP

While going from 1 transport to 2 may not sound like a big deal, it’s surprisingly complex. With one transport, you can just assume ‘connection’ refers to one thing with well-defined, unchanging properties. This assumption propagates all the way through your code base. In our case this ‘connection’ assumption was MQTT.

Since day-one we’ve been planning to add multiple transports, but our most advanced users really started to push us towards not only adding another transport, but HTTP specifically. So, we’ve finally tackled this and it’s working great.

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The Uncloud: Why Owning Your Data Matters More on the Internet of Things

The Uncloud from ThingStudio

By now, none of us is any stranger to the potential problems surrounding big data, and the fact that any number of organizations around the world have nearly carte blanche access to data on every step you take throughout your day. And we all seem to be largely OK with it. Or at least resigned to it.

So consumers, riddle me this: how OK are you with these same companies knowing how often you hit the loo? What about how often you open the refrigerator? How many times you walk in to this room vs. that room? Whether your home is unlocked?

Or, for industry:

IoT brings the promise of huge cost reductions in every aspect of your operations, new insights in to the real-time events that drive your business, and considerable new opportunities for those keen to creatively explore its potential.

All for the low, low cost of giving a few giant corporations a stream of every single data point that drives your business. Is this a cost savings or corporate espionage rebranded as a service and sold to you for a monthly fee?

Let’s call it EaaS (Espionage as a Service).

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IoT interfaces and applications made easy: ThingStudio 0.2.0

A look at the editing experience in ThingStudio

If you have the goal of making applications for the internet of things, you will be seriously impressed with the major new release of ThingStudio.

Rewinding a bit, when you last heard from us ThingStudio was, more or less, a piece of functional technology – a proof of concept, with the UX to prove it.

ThingStudio is now a powerful, stylish IoT application IDE workhorse.

Oh, and it’s still completely free btw (if you’re new to ThingStudio, check out our intro video).

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ThingStudio Outage, or, Improvements at ThingStudio

It looks like our hosting provider is having some issues with their Mongo clusters, and this has taken ThingStudio offline.

We are working on the best solution to bring your service back online as soon as possible, as well as mitigate the possibility of such outages in the future.

Check back shortly for updates as we’ll be updating this post as news comes in.

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