Start Your Other Engine: Debugging in ThingStudio, and a New Widget

debugging iot apps

With last month’s launch of 0.3.0, you may have noticed that in the IDE your publish messages no longer showed in the debug overlay or on the debug route, while your subscribe messages still did. Curious…

More recently, you may have also noticed that there is now no debug overlay at all in the IDE. Debugging functionality in ThingStudio has a new home, one where it will better serve you: the viewer.

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Styling Your Connected App: The Elements


As you probably know by know, apps are the basic unit of work in ThingStudio. Think of them as a “box” for related connections, feeds, templates, feed processors, CSS and Javascript. And this entire “box” is available simply by accessing a URL (if you’ve chosen to make the app public or sharable): No programs to install, no configuration required, just pull up the URL and you’ve collected all the resources you need to run your connected app.

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Create your own widgets with ThingStudio.

We’ve a lot of requests from people who want to create their own widgets with ThingStudio. So, here is a tutorial on creating new, reusable graphical controls with ThingStudio.

Today, we’ll create a Thermometer widget like this:

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