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By popular demand, we've added our second transport: HTTP! You can now use MQTT and HTTP in your ThingStudio apps

Hi folks,

Once again, we’ve been overly quiet while we beavered away making new stuff for ThingStudio.

So, apologies for the radio silence, and here is what is coming shortly to ThingStudio.


We have had a number of requests for support for an HTTP transport so that’s what we’ve put in.

The new HTTP connections and feeds will allow you to connect directly to both devices which are HTTP-aware, and to a wide variety of web platforms and services.

In order to make HTTP connections inter-operate with the existing API’s we have introduced a new concept, the Feed Processor. Feed Processors are just javascript routines that are called immediately before a HTTP request is made and immediately after an HTTP response is received. They allow conversion of the requests and responses from and to whatever format an external API may require.

So, for instance, IBM Bluemix responses are JSON objects which have a single property “d”, which wraps all the the application data. So a Bluemix pair of feed processors could wrap and unwrap the data with the “d” property.

ThingStudio HTTP feeds can be set to poll at regular intervals, or can send data from user generated events, like button pushes.

In general, HTTP feed data is handled exactly the same at template level as MQTT data, so there is nothing much to learn there.

Feedback Wanted

We’ll be releasing the first version of 0.3 in the next few weeks, so look out for it. In the meantime, if you want to challenge us with any special requirements you can think of for handling HTTP, please tell us in the comments below.


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