ThingStudio Outage, or, Improvements at ThingStudio

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It looks like our hosting provider is having some issues with their Mongo clusters, and this has taken ThingStudio offline.

We are working on the best solution to bring your service back online as soon as possible, as well as mitigate the possibility of such outages in the future.

Check back shortly for updates as we’ll be updating this post as news comes in.

Update May 12, 2015 7p CET

Ok, we’re live again. Here’s the scoop.

Given the issues above, we decided to take the opportunity to level up what we’re delivering for you in the following ways:

  • We’ve moved the application from to It was time.
  • ThingStudio is already massively scalable, in ways that will become more evident when we release a major update in the coming weeks, which includes a shiny new UI and sharable applications. With the infrastructure updates we’ve made during this update, it is now even more so.
  • We’re now hosting our MongoDB with Their deployment process, backup infrastructure and related tools make them a no-brainer.
  • We’ve migrated web hosts
  • This was not due to the outage at our host today, but given the goals we’ve listed above (and lots of others we haven’t mentioned here), it just made the most sense for us and provided us the flexibility and control we were looking for. Our previous host has done a great job for us (and lots of other folks) for years, and we believe will continue to do so.
  • The most compelling reason for the change here was being able to serve our static resources and our application from the same subdomain and managing proxies to fit our needs

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